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11 Phytanic acid calculator

11a Table of phytanic acid levels in some specific foods

The following table gives amounts of phytanic acid contained in a number of foods. The figures were calculated using analyses carried out for the Refsum's Disease, Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment (RDDPT) study.

Table 11.1: Phytanic acid levels in some specific foods

Food mg phytanic acid / gm of food
turkey 0.0074
chicken 0.0257
pork 0.0380
rabbit 0.0220
sole 0.0260
egg (1 egg ~70 gm) 0.0025
WW skim milk (.08% fat) 0.0047
yoplait skim yoghurt 0.0056
tahini 0.1020
soya oil 0.1400
other oils 0.1700
white bread 0.0160
rice 0.0100
potato 0.0070
pumpkin 0.0025
carrots, cooked 0.0025
w beans 0.0027
chick peas 0.0027
fruit & veg - fresh 0.0010
fruit & veg - cooked or tinned 0.0050
skimmed dried milk 0.0010


11b Phytanic acid calculator spreadsheet

The information given in the table shown above (Section 11a) is also available for download as an Excel spreadsheet. This can be used to calculate in detail the amounts of phytanic acid contained in a food intake made up of portions of the different foods listed.

Download the Excel spreadsheet (16KB)

Free spreadsheet software

The spreadsheet is made using Excel, the standard Microsoft Office spreadsheet package. For people who do not have a copy of Microsoft Excel, the spreadsheet can be opened and used with, a multiplatform and multilingual, open-source office suite. It is compatible with all other major office suites, and is free to download, use, and distribute.

Download from the website

11c More information on diet

Qualitative information on which foods adult Refsum's disease patients should eat is provided in the 'Information for patients' section of this website.

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